PARTICIPATION -Analysing & Preventing Extremism through Participation Horizon 2020

The project's primary purpose is to prevent extremism, radicalisation and polarisation that can lead to violence through more effective social and education policies and interventions that target at risk groups to be performed through the establishment of a holistic framework and the engagement\involvement of social actors, local communities, civil society, and policymakers.

Objectives and expected impact

  • to develop an holistic multidimensional model based on a participatory fieldwork and a mixed method approach,

  • analysing and discussing through an action research strategy involving young people in different sides of Europe, the socio psychologic mechanisms that lead to extremism, radicalisation and polarisation,

  • to identify future perspectives and trends of hate speech, extremism and radicalisation,

  • developing communicative tools, education approaches and community-based strategies,

  • to improve the awareness of young people and communities as well as the society at whole,

  • to realize databases and a systematic set of indexes and early-warnings,

  • developing a set of policies recommendations with the participation of stakeholders, policy-makers and targets,


PARTICIPATION project starts to the assumption that broken a top-down approach in research and in preventive design is needed. In fact, an holistic approach leads to consider vulnerable people as protagonists of the research processes and as producers of knowledge on themselves, included the way and the strategies for preventing extremism and radicalisation. So, if a mixed method approach that combine qualitative and quantitative data is a fundamental methodological way in order to catch all the complexity of processes at micro, meso and macro levels, it will be linked to an action research approach, based on open discussion focus groups, traffic between researchers, stakeholders, practitioners and social actors (particularly young people for previous reasons).


30 Δεκεμβρίου, 2020